Danne Enzyme Facial

Enzyme therapy:

Hydrolyses dead,redundant cell build up
Draws out debris and impurities from the skin
Increases cellular activity,improving nourishment and oxygenation
Increases tissue repair and regeneration
Antioxidation to fight and combat Free radical damage
Enhances collagen production and provides renewed elastin activity


Danne Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding is about acting in advance to prevent the onset of ageing. The DMK Muscle Banding Program not only lifts and firms the skin, it can also help to restore optimal skin function which is the key to healthy, firm skin. Fight against the decline that causes ageing.


Danne Bihaku

Danne Bihaku

The Bihaku facial is a facial that targets mainly pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull complexion. The effects of ageing, stress and the environment influence skin to develop an uneven texture. It becomes coarser, pigmented and imperfections appear. The DMK Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment is a professional program designed to help regain a brighter, more even and luminous complexion.


Danne Hydradermaze


Hydradermaze is an advanced treatment program designed to help clear acne and congestion.
Performed fortnightly for 12 weeks, Hydradermaze addresses the causal factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne.
DMK achieve long term results ensuring the condition won’t just return


Danne Alkaline Wash

Danne Alkaline Wash

Swells , Softens, Dissolves , remove excess cell build up Releases inflammation killing the P acne bacteria cleans out impacted hair shafts dissolves hair Enzyme mask # 1 rebuilds the structure of the skin allowing the skin to function


Guinot Facials

Liftosome – 1 hour
The Liftosome treatment visibly transforms skin that is tired and in need of firmness. Vitamin C is introduced into the skin using a setting thermal mask which releases a gentle progressive heat as well as a soothing citrus fragrance. A must for dull and sluggish complexions.


Renewal – 45 minutes
Introducing the complementary nature of fruit acids and enzymes, acting in perfect synergy. They provoke a quicker, more effective and deeper exfoliation without irritating the skin. Ideal for devitalised, pigmented and oily skins.


Lift Express – 30 minutes
An exceptional treatment whereby we use an electrical current. Firstly to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and secondly to exercise the facial muscle. Thereby creating a non-surgical face lift.


Eye Logic – 20 minutes
Non-surgical lift, especially designed for the delicate eye area.


Hydradermie – 1 hour
This is Guinot’s star treatment which uses a galvanic current (for 70% penetration of product – for moisturising, deep cleansing and desensitizing) and high frequency current (for oxygenation, purifying and healing with anti bacterial cream).


Hydradermie Plus – 1.5 hours
The ultimate facial experience, combining the results of the hydradermie and the use of deep acting serums concentrating on the face, eye and neck area.


Hydradermie Deluxe Lift – 2 hours
Hydradermie Lift This treatment offers the best of both worlds. This is a full hydradermie plus treatment with the benefit of the lift included. Therefore this treatment is a combination of all 3 electric currents, resulting in total skin rejuvenation with tightness and suppleness that lasts for weeks thereafter.


Specialised Deep cleanse suitable for all skin types. Cleanses the skin on a much deeper level than the conventional method


Age Sumum
Packed with Serums, this facial will leave the skin with a much younger looking appearance. It is the Crème De La Crème of anti ageing facial



Swedish Full Body – 1 hour
Traditional strokes and deep tissue techniques combine to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. The result is complete body equilibrium, from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head.

Aromatherapy Full Body – 1.15 hours
A gentle therapeutic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system through the power of touch. Pure aromatic plant oils are combined in a unique blend to relax and rejuvenate the body.

Hot Stone Full Body – 1.5 hours
A therapeutic massage using heated lava stones that channel the energy from the upper area of the body. The stones, radiant with heat create an experience of complete relaxation and well-being.

Indian Head Massage – 45 minutes
An alternating slow and vigorous massage concentrating on the pressure points of the scalp, neck and shoulder to relieve tension. Leaving you centred and relaxed.

Thai foot Massage – 30 minutes
Our feet contain a system of nerves that send information to the brain and can influence the rest of our body, mind and soul. So treating the feet, we also can relieve stress in other parts of the body.

Back Cleanse – 45 minutes
The back is cleansed and toned, followed by steaming. This intense treatment will leave your skin feeling revitalised. Ideal for the removal of blackheads.

Body Wrap
A powerful treatment to help our bodies fight against water retention and environmental pollution. This natural clay enriched in minerals with plant extracts and powerful essential oils, will promote the removal of toxins from your body (cellulite) and delay premature ageing (firming).

Faradic Pads
Drop a dress size! The use of the Faradic pad machine simulates exercise. A half an hour session is equivalent to 4 hours of exercise. Excellent for centimetre loss. Enquire about our course of treatments.

Dry Body Brushing + Lymph Drainage
Excellent for those stubborn orange peel cellulite areas. Combine this with the Faradic pad machine and a body wrap of your choice and you can achieve a complete body transformation of centimetre loss, improved skin hydration and an increase in firmness. For weight loss on the scale – we will provide the eating plan and motivation. Targeted areas and tailor-made packages can be recommended after a personal assessment and figure analysis is done by an internal therapist.

Half Day Getaways & Packages Available
B&B package 1 – Facial, Manicure,Pedicure & Back Massage
B&B package 2- Facial,manicure,Pedicure & Full body Massage
B&B package 3 – Couples Swedish Massage
B&B Package 4 – Couples Himalayan Hot stone massage
B&B Package 5- Couples LT Aromatherapy massage

Teeth Whitening:
A teeth whitening treatment without bleaching, lightens teeth 3-5 times whiter

Your painless, needle free solution to weightloss in the areas you need it most!

Nails, Feet & Hair Removal

Manicure – 45 minutes
Includes exfoliating of the hands, filing and buffing of nails, pushing back of cuticles, hand massage as well as applying the colour of your choice (not French).

Pedicure – 1 hour
Includes exfoliating of the feet, filing and buffing of nails, smoothing of hard skin, luxury foot massage as well as applying the colour of your choice (not French). Pedicure
Medi Pedi – 1 hour
In search of baby-soft feet. Paramedical treatment for the gentle removal of cracked, hardened heels on the feet – without blades or cutting.
Para wax – 15 minutes
Dip your hands and feet into a cold paraffin wax, leaving them soft and moistened. Ideal for diabetics.
Gel Nails
Warm up to the idea of enjoying flexible, strong and durable gel nails. Gel nails give length and long lasting colour to any natural nail and are tough and durable to suit active lifestyles. Nail colour can last up to 4 weeks on self maintenance.
Hair Removal
Waxing- most popular method for removing unwanted facial and body hair. Regrowth is between 2 to 4 weeks. Due to the precise specialised nature of this treatment, it is best performed on a small area of skin eg upper lip, sides of face, etc.IPL- excellent for permanent hair reduction. After 6 to 8 treatments, on any part of the face and body, the hairs have reduced to little or nothing. No more shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams – totally hairless.

IPL Treatment

Treatment Type





Ingrown Hairs


 Sun Spots


Neck & Decollete Rejuvenation




Permanent Hair Reduction


Facial Rejuvenation


Surgical Scars & Stretch Marks


Spider Veins